Helping people walk again, one step at a time 

We revolutionize physical therapy and strive to transform the lives of millions of patients that need rehabilitation.  

Animated insole

1 Billion patients

According to WHO, 1 billion patients require rehabilitation for walking-related issues each year

Insufficient care

Therapists are in short supply. Studies show that a majority of patients receive insufficient therapy and practice

More is better

The science is evident*. Higher intensity of practice leads to better recovery. 

A clinically significant improvement to gait therapy

These are not just our words. Research has proven this, confirmed by physiotherapists, patients and objective data.

Higher productivity, better rehabilitation

Stride One, our revolutionary gait platform is designed to improve patient rehabilitation and boost physiotherapist productivity.

With Stride One, therapists gain insights into patient conditions and swiftly define personalized exercises with real-time audio feedback. This translates into more and improved, high-caliber practice sessions, significantly increasing center productivity.

Patients rely on Stride One to deliver real-time feedback on their gait during exercises, boosting motivation and enhancing the quantity, quality and outcome of their rehabilitation.

What our clients say about us

“Our physiotherapists are enthusiastic about the impact on the quality of rehabilitation. They want to use Stride One in therapy because it can be beneficial for the recovery of our patients”

“Already after five minutes of practice with Stride One, I see remarkable improvements in how patients walk. It helps patients realise many correct repetitions, towards a better recovery”

“Stride One helped me to put sufficient pressure on my toes and walk better. I am very enthusiastic about these insoles and how they have helped me learn to walk properly again.”